UX Designer and UI Developer

based in Melbourne, VIC


I’m Hasaru, a UI developer and UX designer based in Melbourne, with over half a decade of experience as a UI developer and UX designer, I bring a unique blend of technical and creative skills to the table.

Beyond coding, I am an artist of digital design, seamlessly blending technology and artistry to create captivating digital landscapes.

My true passion lies in collaboration, joining brilliant minds to explore new possibilities and push boundaries.

Tech Stack

Design Stack


When I’m not developing or designing things, you can find me spending quality time with my family, playing games, skipping rope, drawing digital illustrations, traveling but also mostly spending time binging tv shows


Projects that I’ve completed with a team,

Nelly, Compare Networks, Arbolus, Good Market, Nutrifix

Projects that I have solo’ed,

Xiphos Esports, The Clifflodge